Veld management – Principles and Practice


By Frits van Oudtshoorn

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By Frits van Oudtshoorn

Extent: 256 pages

Format: 240 x 168 mm (softcover)

380 + colour photos and illustrations

Veld management – principles and practices attempts to simplify a rather technical subject by using easily understandable language and more than 380 photographs and illustrations. It contains four chapters. Chapter 1 is an introduction to veld management and also includes important legislation. Chapter 2 discusses the natural resources utilised during veld and land management. Chapter 3 deals with ecological principles and includes sections on basic ecological processes, the role of plants and animals, and land degradation. Chapter 4 includes all the important veld management practices such as property planning, grazing management, fire management, the control of unwanted plants, veld condition assessment and many more. This book aims to provide the necessary knowledge to assist land users to effectively manage the land under their care, a huge responsibility indeed.



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