Variety: RPR Barbeta


Lolium perenne


Scientific name: Lolium perenne Common names: Perennial rye grass, Regenerating perennial ryegrass, Meerjarige raaigras Varieties: RPR Barbeta and Barlennium Seeding rate: 40 g/m² Growth cycle: Perennial Growth season: Cool season Perennial ryegrass is a cool-season, bunch-type grass. Improved turf-type perennial ryegrasses are finer textured, denser, more persistent and have better mowing quality than the forage types. They are well adapted to temperate climates as permanent turfgrass and are particularly suited for sports fields and golf course fairways. In subtropical climates, they are primarily used for over-seeding warm-season species. They are intolerant of climatic extremes of cold, heat, and drought. Perennial ryegrass grows best in neutral to slightly acid, moist soils of moderate to high fertility. It is used as a nurse grass in cool-season turfgrass seed and an ideal component for cool-season mixtures with Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescues.




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