Variety: Italian rye grass – Tabu


Annual rye grass

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Scientific name: Lolium multiflorum Common names: Annual rye grass, Italian rye grass, Italiaanse raaigras, Eenjarige raaigras Variety: Tabu and Maximus Seeding rate: 2.5 – 3 g/m² (25 – 30 kg/ha) Growth cycle: Annual and biennial Growth season: Cool season Annual ryegrass is an annual (Westerwolds) to biennial (Italian) temperate grass that is highly productive and nutritious. Roots are highly branched, dense with adventitious roots. Of the two types, Italian ryegrass needs cold winters to flower while Westerwolds ryegrass needs long day length/warm temperatures. Annual ryegrass originates from central and southern Europe, North Africa and Middle Eastern countries. It is used for pasture, hay and silage as well as for soil conservation. It combines well with annual and perennial clovers and other temperate grasses such as tall fescue and cocksfoot.


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