Urochloa mosambicensis


Bushveld signal grass

Variety: Sabi (coated)

100 g or 500 g

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Scientific name: Urochloa mosambicensis

Common names: Bushveld signal grass, Sabi grass, Bosveldbeesgras, Bosveldsinjaalgras

Variety: Sabi

Seeding rate: 0.5 – 1.0 g/m² (5 – 10 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Perennial

Growth season: Warm season

Bushveld signal grass is a perennial to short-lived tufted grass with decumbent stems of about 0.7 m tall (sometimes with stolons). It is a highly palatable and drought-tolerant pasture grass. It occurs naturally in subtropical southern, central and east African savannas. Bushveld signal grass has also naturalised in other tropical and subtropical regions, particularly in parts of the USA, Australia, India and some southeast Asian countries. It is mainly used for grazing, hay production and makes a well-grazed foggage. It is often also used, as a vital part in grass seed mixtures, for erosion control and improving grazing capacity in degraded rangeland, particularly on sandy loams and red loams.


100g, 500g


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