Subtropical variety: Gatton (coated)


White buffalo grass

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Scientific name: Panicum maximum

Common names: White buffalo grass, Guinea grass, Witbuffelsgras, Gewone buffelsgras,

Varieties: Gatton (subtropical) and Mombasa (tropical)

Seeding rate: 0.8 – 1.0 g/m² (8 – 10 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Perennial

Growth season: Warm season

White buffalo grass is a variable medium to very large perennial tufted grass. Two broad types are recognised, namely the smaller and finer subtropical types and the robust tropical types. It is often called the “king of tropical forage grasses” due to attributes like high palatability, high production, quick growth, ease of establishment and good reaction to fertilization. The subtropical varieties are mainly used for direct grazing, hay production and foggage. The tropical varieties are popular for high-density rotational grazing, silage production and cut-and-carry feeding systems. The stems are tough during the dormant stage and make a low-quality foggage.


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