Sporobolus fimbriatus


Dropseed grass

All varieties

100 g or 250 g

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Scientific name: Sporobolus fimbriatus

Common names: Common dropseed, Fynsaadgras, Gewone fynsaadgras

Varieties: All varieties

Seeding rate: 0.8 – 1.2 g/m² (8 – 12 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Perennial

Growth season: Warm season

Dropseed grass is a tall palatable grazing grass with a high leaf yield that is well grazed, particularly during the young stage. It is adapted to a wide range of climatic conditions, from cold and hot areas to areas with high to low rainfall. It is widely distributed in southern Africa (grassland, savanna and karoo) and occurs further north to east Africa as far as Sudan and Somalia. Dropseed grass is mainly used for rangeland restoration but is also used for direct grazing and hay production. In times of food shortages, the spikelets are ground and used to make porridge.


100g, 250g


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