Sweet choice


Forage sorghum


Scientific name: Sorghum bicolor

Common names: Forage sorghum, Annual forage sorghum, Sudan grass, Voersorghum

Varieties: Bargrazer, Sweet choice, Barsweet

Seeding rate: Bargrazer 2 – 3 g/m² (20 – 30 kg/ha), Sweet choice 1.2 – 1.4 g/m² (12 – 14 kg/ha), Barsweet 2 – 2.5 g/m² (15 – 25 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Annual

Growth season: Warm season

Annual forage sorghum is a highly productive fast-growing and robust annual or short-lived perennial grass with thick stems. The species Sorghum bicolor is extremely variable and includes various subspecies with hybrids deriving from crossings between these subspecies. Sorghum is indigenous to Africa and was likely domesticated about 5 000 years ago as a grain and forage crop in Egypt and Ethiopia. Annual forage sorghum is used for direct grazing, silage, foggage or cut-and-carry feeding systems. It is a quick-growing drought-resistant forage and is often used to quickly fill gaps in the fodder flow. It is best adapted to fertile clay and loam soils.


1kg, 500g


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