Pisum sativum


Forage peas

Variety: Arvika

500 g or 1 kg

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Scientific name: Pisum sativum

Common names: Forage peas, Fodder pea, Voer-erte

Variety: Arvika

Seeding rate: 10 – 10.2 g/m² (100 – 120 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Annual

Growth season: Cool season

Forage peas is an annual temperate legume known for its high yield and used as a short-term crop. It is herbaceous with an erect or prostrate growth form, growing up to 80 cm tall. Three leaflets with tendrils are borne from a petiole and flowers are white to purple. Seeds are of various colours, shapes and sizes. It has a deep taproot. Peas originated from southwestern Asia and are cultivated since 11 000 BC. Forage peas is a multipurpose crop and can be used for grazing, silage, hay and as a cover crop. It combines well with oats and barley. It is adapted to varies climates but performs best in cool climates. A high annual rainfall of 800 – 1 000 mm is needed unless irrigation is available. It tolerates severe frost when mature.


1kg, 500g


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