Ornithopus sativus


Pink serradella

Variety: Emena

500 g or 1 kg

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Scientific name: Ornithopus sativus

Common names: Pink serradella, French serradella

Variety: Emena

Seeding rate: 2 – 2.5 g/m² (20 – 25 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Annual

Growth season: Cool season

Pink serradella is a temperate annual legume known for its high palatable and nutritive value as well as resistance to diseases and pests. It initially has an erect growth form but with grazing becomes semi-erect with stems reaching a length of 70 cm. Leaves are pinnate, finely serrated and fern-like. It has a great variation in flowering colour, from pink to white to red and blue. Pods are straight and segmented, light brownish-red in colour with yellow to red-brown seeds. Pink serradella originates from the Mediterranean region. It was extensively grown through France during the middle ages. It is mainly used for pasture, hay and silage. It can be sown with subterranean clover or with yellow serradella. Tropical perennial grasses such as blue buffalo grass and Rhodes grass can be grown in a mixture with serradella. It is a cool-season plant and tolerant of cold but intolerant of frost. Rainfall above 400 mm is recommended for good production.


1kg, 500g


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