Lupinus angustifolius


Narrow-leaf lupin

Variety: Azuro

1 kg

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Scientific name: Lupinus angustifolius

Common names: Narrow-leaf lupin, Blue lupin, Smalblaar lupiene

Variety: Azuro Seeding rate: 7 – 10 g/m² (70 – 100 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Annual

Growth season: Cool season

Narrowleaf lupin is an annual temperate legume valued for its high seed protein content. It is an erect herbaceous plant of 0.6 – 1.5 m in height. Stems are hairy and leaves are hand-shaped. Flowers are shades of blue to purple (bitter lupin) or white to pink (sweet lupin). Pods are large and shatter easily, releasing 3 – 7 dark grey to white, speckled seeds. It has a very deep taproot (±2.5 m). Narrowleaf lupin originates from Eurasia and northern Africa and was used as green manure in ancient civilizations. It is used as a rotation crop, for silage and pasture. The seeds are readily eaten by sheep. Narrowleaf lupin combines well with barley and serradella and planted in rotation with grain crops. A minimum of 300 mm annual rainfall is recommended. Lupins vary in their tolerance to frost and cold, whereas flowers do not tolerate frost.




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