Fynbos – Ecology and Management


By: KJ Esler, SM Pierce & C de Villiers  

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By: KJ Esler, SM Pierce & C de Villiers Extent: 262 pages Format: 240 x 210 mm (soft cover) 250 + colour photos The fynbos region is one of the most spectacularly diverse places on earth. This is not an idle statement when one considers the extraordinary diversity of plants, mammals, insects, freshwater and marine species making the fynbos region their home. It also has a magnitude of macro and micro habitats due to its diversity in climate, geology and topography. Managing and maintaining such diversity, especially considering the many fire-dependant species, needs knowledge and careful consideration. This book is a guide that will help people who visit, live, manage or own land in the Fynbos biome to appreciate and manage its extraordinary natural richness.


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