Dactyloctenium australe


LM-grass / Berea grass

Variety: LM

100 g or 250 g

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Scientific name: Dactyloctenium australe

Common names: Berea grass, Durban (lawn) grass, Lourenço Marques (LM) grass, Natalkweek

Varieties: LM

Seeding rate: 1 g/m²

Growth cycle: Perennial

Growth season: Warm season

LM grass, an indigenous grass to the east coast of Africa, is a low-growing mat-forming grass that spreads through stolons. It is a popular lawn grass that grows best in tropical and subtropical regions in light shade and sandy soils. It is more shade tolerant than Kikuyu grass and Bermuda/Couch grass but less tolerant to cold than these two types of grass. It is also more drought tolerant than Kikuyu grass, but less than Bermuda/Couch grass. LM grass’s wide, soft and dark green leaves, and ability to grow in shade, makes it a popular choice for home gardens, parks and other recreational areas.


100g, 250g


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