Cynodon dactylon


Bermuda grass

Common and Barbados

250 g

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Scientific name: Cynodon dactylon

Common names: Bermuda grass, Couch grass, African couch grass, Kweekgras

Varieties: Common and Barbados

Seeding rate: 20 g/m²

Growth cycle: Perennial

Growth season: Warm season

Bermuda grass is a short non-tufted warm-season grass that spreads with stolons and rhizomes. This highly variable grass is seen as a drought-tolerant low maintenance turfgrass adapted to well-drained soils. Although Bermuda grass is generally not very cold tolerant, some newer varieties tend to adapt well in colder conditions. It does not tolerate areas with prolonged shady periods and therefore other warm-season species must be considered where trees and other structures restrict sunlight. Its application as a turf includes general lawns (gardens and parks), sports fields (especially cricket, hockey and polo fields), golf courses (specially roughs and fairways), horse race tracts and along roadsides.


Common (coated) 250 g, Barbados (coated) 250 g


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