Chloris gayana


Rhodes grass

Variety: Katambora (coated)

100 g or 500 g

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Scientific name: Chloris gayana

Common names: Rhodes grass, Rhodesgras

Variety: Katambora

Seeding rate: 1.2 – 2 g/m² (12 – 20 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Perennial

Growth season: Warm season

Rhodes grass is a highly productive perennial to weak-perennial forage grass that produces tufts as well as spreading through stolons. It is adapted to a wide range of climatic and soil conditions. In its natural range, it tends to prefer damp soil and often grows in somewhat saline conditions. Rhodes grass is used for grazing, soil stabilisation and produces high-quality hay. The Katambora cultivar is resistant to nematodes and is often used as a pasture ley in rotation with crops such as tobacco.


100g, 500g


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