Cenchrus ciliaris


Blue buffalo grass

Varieties: Molopo and Gayanda

100 g or 500 g

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Scientific name: Cenchrus ciliaris

Common names: Blue buffalo grass, Buffelgrass, Foxtail buffalo grass, Bloubuffelsgras

Varieties: Molopo and Gayanda

Seeding rate: 1.2 – 2 g/m² (12 – 20 kg/ha)

Growth cycle: Perennial

Growth season: Warm season

Blue buffalo grass is a leafy perennial tufted grass of medium height with a shrub-like appearance. It is extremely hardy and the most used forage grass in dry regions. Blue buffalo grass is used for direct grazing and it makes excellent quality hay when well fertilised and cut during the right stage. It can also be used for foggage during the dry season, although mature plants become hard and less acceptable to grazers. The most used cultivars in our region include ‘Molopo and ‘Gayanda’. ‘Molopo’ is a robust cultivar with blue-green leaves and with a high biomass production, but with reduced acceptability, particularly during the mature and dormant stages. ‘Gayanda’ is smaller with bright green leaves and considered to be more palatable.


100g, 500g


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