Annual ryegrass (turf type)


Lolium multiflorum

Variety: SOS 400

1 kg

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Scientific name: Lolium multiflorum

Common names: Annual ryegrass (turf type), Eenjarige raaigras

Varieties: SOS 400

Seeding rate: 40 g/m²

Growth cycle: Annual

Growth season: Cool season

Annual ryegrass is a cool-season annual or short-lived bunch-type grass. It forms a fine to coarse-textured turf, depending on seeding rate and density. Annual ryegrass is widely used in subtropical and temperate climates for over-seeding dormant or semi-dormant warm-season turfs for winter play and colour. It establishes very fast under frequent irrigation and a high mowing height. It is however susceptible to diseases. Its use in seed mixtures is discouraged because of its aggressive seedling growth, which may prevent the establishment of more desirable cool-season turfgrasses.


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