Working on Grass provides an advisory and consultation service to projects related to veld and grazing management. This service is led by Frits van Oudtshoorn and includes the service of various other specialists in South Africa. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

We have experience on a wide range of topics, including the one’s listed below;

Veld condition and grazing capacity assessments
Veld condition improvement and restoration recommendations
Control of problem plants
Grazing management infrastructure planning
Grass species composition surveys
Grass biomass evaluations
Ecological management plans for game ranches
Planted pasture recommendations
Vegetation community/unit surveys and mapping
Veld management plans (full document)
Veld management related presentations during farmer's days
Veld management training

Identification of common grasses (checklists) on a property 
Veld condition and grazing capacity long-term monitoring
Prescribed burning need evaluations
Vegetation and ecological impact assessments (for EIA's)
Agricultural potential assessments (for re-zoning and EIA's)
Alien invasive vegetation assessments
Erosion control/rehab recommendations (e.g. for gullies)
Habitat assessments for rare game species
Mine rehabilitation recommendations
Rehabilitated mining sites monitoring
Veld condition assessments for pre-purchase properties 

Below is a gallery of some relevant and interesting photos: