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Ornamental Grass

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Free resources to download

A list of common names of South African grasses, listed as scientific names first (part 1) and common names first (part 2).

Download here

A checklist of South African grasses, including synonyms.

Download here

List of indigenous palatable summer-growing grasses and the bio-regions of South Africa (with map) in which they naturally occur. 

Download here

A booklet on the basics of veld management

Download here

Template for a visual veld condition assessment

Download here 

Disc pasture meter (DPM) calibration table for various regions in southern and east Africa.

Download here

A list of declared weeds and invader plants of South Africa (taken from "Veld management - principles and practices, Van Oudtshoorn, 2015)

Download here

A manual on how to prepare herbarium samples (by SANBI)

Download here

A powerpoint report on UHDG veld condition monitoring for 2021 on the farm Vanrooyenswoning

Download here

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